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All prices listed on this online shopping portals is on U.S. Currency ($).

Payment Method

  • Secure Credit Card
  • We do not keep credit card numbers in our database for your own
  • Wire Transfer, you can also open an account with us by transferring amount to our bank and we will send you a security code to use while making orders online

Cards Accepted

  • VISA
  • AMEX
  • Discover/Novus
  • JCB

Delivery and Shipping

  • A delivery confirmation will be posted online thru “order tracking” feature on the web site
  • Orders outside main cities will be subject to delivery charges, during ordering you will be notified by delivery charges in each
  • During Christmas, new year & valentine’s all orders must be placed 4 days in advance in order to guarantee
  • Delivery confirmation will be published after 24-48 hrs from
  • 7 p.m. is usually the last time for delivery in most of the countries, in some other countries time can exceed to 10 m.

Cancellation and Return Policy

  • No refund is allowed on day of
  • Your order can be cancelled 48 hours before order date & customer shall be entitled to a full
  • Should particular merchandise be out of stock, reserves the right to replace it with an item of equivalent or higher value with no extra charge.
  • Regional differences and seasonal availability may affect some colours or
  • Sorry we do not accept sales returns due to nature of
  • thefloristhub will not be responsible for late or non delivery of items ordered in the following circumstances:
    • The address given is incorrect
    • The recipient of the order is not present at the address given, and there is no one else present to receive the
    • Invalid telephone number for the recipient is given or the telephone number is